CMC*Mix's TrackMania Environment Mixing Stuff

Want to make a TMUF track where the car is from a different environment than the rest of the map? Get the 42 blank envmix v4 base maps, and follow the instructions in the .zip.

On 2010-04-14 I achieved my fourth environment mixing mapping technology: envmix v4, which allows map files for a given environment to specify a car from a different environment.

(v4 is a much greater change for TM than my only other envmix tech to be released publicly: envmix v3 (scapemix), which allows map files for a given environment to specify a surrounding landscape from a different environment.)

Revelation Skirmish

I and several other senior members of CMC organised a tournament to unveil envmix v4: Revelation Skirmish. All maps and the nature of the tech were kept secret until the tournament was held, on 2010-06-12.

Map pack and match settings. Most of the maps are on TMX. We uploaded each one (without password) at the same time as it was used in the tournament. Map order:


  1. Rally (non-envmixed): Through Elven Woods (Bramble)


  1. Island on Alpine: Deep Drift (MixD)
  2. Stadium on Desert: Austin Grand Prix (Zooz)
  3. Rally on Coast: Coastside Karting (Bramble)
  4. Coast on Bay: Baykini (Quiksilver)
  5. Desert on Stadium: Angle (JumperJack)
  6. Alpine on Island: 0v3rBo0sT (Zooz)
  7. Bay on Rally: Emerald (Boumsong)


  1. Rally on Stadium: Improvedium (Zooz)
  2. Coast on Alpine: Whisper (JumperJack)
  3. Bay on Desert: Bullet (JumperJack)
  4. Desert on Rally: Gnussence (MixD)
  5. Stadium on Island: Red Shift (Zooz)
  6. Alpine on Bay: Tedious (JumperJack)
  7. Island on Coast: Lightning Reflexes (Zooz)


  1. Alpine on Rally: Two Worlds (Zooz)
  2. Bay on Stadium: Thirst for Blood (Boumsong)
  3. Rally on Island: Manx Tropicana (MixD)
  4. Desert on Alpine: Baseline (Zooz)
  5. Island on Bay: snOk! (Quiksilver)
  6. Coast on Desert: Forever More (Zooz)
  7. Stadium on Coast: Vital (JumperJack)


  1. Stadium on Bay: Tokyo Drift (Zooz)
  2. Rally on Island: Possible (JumperJack)
  3. Stadium on Rally: Out in the Fields (Bramble)
  4. Island on Rally: Harsh (JumperJack)
  5. Bay on Island: Trial By Fire (Zooz)

Play envmixed maps on one of CMC's servers:

If I ever get round to documenting more about envmix v4 or any other of my envmix technologies, I'll do it here.