Recovering from TrackMania hangs

Here's a problem I've hit a few times whilst messing around with TrackMania's track editor. I have TM in full screen mode and sometimes it hangs so tightly that it won't even give up the screen, so I can't get to Task Manager to kill it. The solution (for TrackMania PowerUp at least) is:
  1. Press <Windows key>-R. (That's two keys, the one with the Windows logo on it and the R key). This should bring up the Run dialog.
  2. Type cmd and press Enter. This should start up the cmd command line.
  3. Press Alt-Enter. This should cause cmd to switch to full screen mode. You should now be able to see what you're doing.
  4. Type taskkill /f /im trackmania.exe. This should cause TrackMania PowerUp to quit. Other versions of TM may use a different executable name, so change the executable name to suit. Type tasklist to get a list of tasks. The executable name for TMUF is TmForever.exe.
  5. Press Alt-Enter. This should cause cmd to switch to windowed mode, letting you get back to your desktop.
I strongly recommend trying this out a couple of times before you start messing with editor bugs and the like, because you'll get pretty annoyed if the first time you try it is when you really need it and it doesn't work for you.