Hug maps part 4 - TMO



In this part we'll see how to do block merges and clip removal in TMO (i.e. TM 1.5.0/LevelUp), using some of the knowledge we've gained over the last 3 parts, along with a new bug.

Getting an ethereal block

From the list of bugs and features in
part 3 we know that we only need to get the editor into some state where a block appears in the block list but not in the corresponding part of the cubelet array, and then we can do all our block merges etc. no problem. Handily TMO has a way to do this for the Desert and Alpine environments:
  1. In the track editor for either environment create some land of usable size using the 11 block (i.e. press 1, then press 1 again, press PageUp, press and hold space, press left arrow 9 times, press up arrow 9 times, then let go of space).
  2. Select a suitable tunnel block - 525 in Desert or 627 in Alpine. (Other blocks can be used depending on what you're trying to do, but anyway...).
  3. Place it under the ground you've built at either the highest level you can, or the level below that.
  4. Select the 12 block and build it on all the land you built before.
  5. In Alpine select the 13 block and build it on there too.
Now you should have a tunnel block in the open air which has exactly the properties we want: it is in the block list, but it isn't in the cuboid array. This means from a track building point of view it doesn't exist, but from a track driving point of view it does.

So now we can remove all the land if we want, and build roads through the tunnel blocks, save and reload the map, delete the tunnel blocks, build more road through what's left, etc. Basically all the stuff from part 1 and part 2.

If you build canyon suitably you can remove tunnel clips too, but that's not very useful.