[CMC]Mix's TrackMania Stuff


Are you a driving legend? Think you can give the likes of Zooz, BlaTie, or Sandder a run for their money? Come take a test drive with TrackMania United's most successful competitive team!

Environment mixing

Read about the 4th time I invented environment mixing. Get the base maps so you can use it.

Mapping tricks

These are for TM PowerUp (1.2.5).
I recommend reading about Recovering from TrackMania hangs before messing around with the track editor too harshly.

New blocks


I've done a lot of work on maps that are beyond the limits of what most people are capable of doing with TrackMania's map editor, by exploiting bugs, features, and a lot of hex.

TMU maps unless stated otherwise.

Miscellaneous test maps

These aren't validated, so they're not available in TM for racing. Load them into the track editor instead.
2007-09 beachCupTest Some experiments in the Island environment for ET's Beach Cup. Checkpoints on the beach and grass and transitions to platform from beach and grass.
2007-09 inflatableCheckpointTest Some experiments in the Stadium environment putting checkpoints on the top of an inflatable, with some input from Zooz, and other random stuff.
2007-10-10 speedTestRally (PowerUp) This one will only load correctly in PowerUp. It's a little test of a larger map size (32x208) to check the top speed of the rally car.

Other maps I've done

2007-12-07 Little BigMap A proof of concept map to show a larger map size (256x256x256) and some new blocks.
2007-12-10 Scenic Bay Drive Nothing new here really, just some building and driving outside the normal map boundaries like in Little BigMap. Drive in the Bay city.
2008-01-02 KeyQuay Some new blocks and some new building techniques for handling water in Coast. This one's complexity is getting close to Bashful.

Maps I've worked on with Eva

2005-07-13 EvaMin01 Happy (PowerUp) Demonstrating road/road block merges in the Desert environment. I think one map author (MK-1) had done similar stuff before.
2005-10-26 EvaMin02 Sneezy (PowerUp) Extending road/road block merges to the Snow environment. To the best of my knowledge no other author has done this.
2006-01-20 EvaMin03 Dopey (PowerUp) Extending block merging to the Rally environment, and merging more than two blocks. Also unique as far as I know.
2007-10-07 EvaMin04 Bashful (TMU/TMO) Pushing the limits further with new blocks, cliff sinking, terrain merging, and pylon removal. Work on this one started on 2007-01-04 or earlier.

Maps I've contributed some parts to

2006-04-15 FaireDuKnall A TMO map by Insomnia. No active contribution from me. Parts are taken from EvaMin02 Sneezy.
2007-01-08 Frustration Challenging map by hor. Checkpoints in the big double-hairpin block.
2007-04-?? Warning! Bug By Veronica. This copied EvaMin03 Dopey in its entirety, adding only a dull lead-in section. Even the comments and screenshot were copied! The map and user were removed by TMX admins.
2007-07-01 FET2 - Desert @ Speed Cool map by Zooz. I contributed the checkpoint/boost merges, which demonstrated previously unseen features: block merges at ground level, glitch-free checkpoint/boost merge, and road sinking.
2007-10-08 Inflatable Rumours Great map by Zooz. Various block merges from the inflatableCheckpointTest map above.

Maps I've provided mapping techniques for

Too many to mention them all. Most recent maps by Zooz I guess, or any map labelled a "mixmap". Notable ones are Binary, or Quantum Physics (Rounds).